The fun of Fine Art, Digital Creativity and Rock n Roll

I love turning my visual moments into fine art pieces that people can enjoy and add to their home decor, offices, or give as gifts. I look forward to sharing my collections in the near future with a coffee table book that I am working on. 

There will be seperate editions of my "Captured on Maui" collections, such as Captured moments of the Paniolo and Upcountry life, Churches in Hawaii, Magic moments, and more. I am also working on a childrens book that helps expand a childs imagination with artistic and imaginiative ideas.  And of course, my concert shots will be coming as well. I have to say concert session are my favorite. 

In the meantime,  I am taking the creative process one step further and creating what I call, "Magical Me" moments. I love the storybook image and people are loving them also. They have been adding this to their packages and we come up with some creative stories to go with them. I look forward to taking my characters into the storybooks, as well, one day. 

I have been doing photography for over 20 years. I did start professionally approximately 16 years ago photographing foods and small weddings as well as doing documental shoots for couples on their anniversary or whatever occasion they wanted to celebrate.  I did so many different types of photography and really needed to fine my "Niche".   I am a member of the PPA, Author, published photgrapher, and have had my works shown at the Hui No'eau.  I love creating Fine Art and creating more out of the moments I capture, whether it be events or during my alone time wherever I travel.  I am very fond of Concerts and documentary photography, especially the Paniolo Life here in Hawaii. I am also available for events, glamour, portrait, and small weddings. 

I love creating Fine Art out of my work so that people can share the feelings they get from my photographic art with everyone. The biggest compliment I can get is  when someone says "they can  feel what they see in my work". I continue to expand my knowledge in photography and software constantly.   I love using my camera and then my digital  brushes to paint and enhance my visions.  

 Expanding my photography to more portrait and Glamour photography is very exciting and I am looking forward to expanding my  "Mystique Boutique". It is a style that will lean towards a Shabby Chic French style, but always willing to cater to your vision and input as well. Having themed dress up shoots are so fun, and we always have such a great time during our shoots. I look forward creating that special moment with you. 

Mahalo for visiting my site and becoming a fan of my work.