The 2017 Makawao Rodeo

This is the first time I have done a blog. I attempted on other time, but didn't really get the hang of it. Since we have relocated our Animal Care business, and I am able to devote more of my time to my art...I figured now is as good as time as any...right?

Today, went and did a walk through at the Venue of the Makawao Rodeo. I like to scope out my areas prior to shoot so that I can get a feel of the environment and get mentally ready for an event such as this. This annual event is a very special one to the locals. Everyone comes out from Upcountry. Outer Islands participate, and the public is encourage to come. If you have been to a rodeo on the mainland, and then come to a rodeo in experience a different type of environment. You feel the aloha, and feel part of a special Ohana. Local grinds are available and vendors from Maui are selling their goods. After the daily events, you must stay for live music and grab a couple beers. Time to party.

I look forward to Capturing the moments of this event and look forward to that Epic shot at the Bull bash.

Mahalo for visiting my site and following my art.

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