Time is going to quickly

Boy has time flown by since my last entry. So much going on and still so much to do. Isn't that the way it always is? LOL. Well, the studio is finished and I have been working on shoots, rebuilding the website, redoing my portfolio, and continuing to run our business. PHEW! I am very excited about some new learnings with some software and the creations I am developing such as my "Magical Me" characters. SOOOO much fun to take someone and turn them into a storybook looking character. I am hoping to take it to the next level and develop a story book out of these characters. Don't want to give too much away yet. I look forward to changes later this year and really going full force with the photography even more. I have a couple opportunities I am discussing for a mainland venture. Fingers crossed. I would like to start adding to this blog some fun tips and tricks for those interested in improving you photography skills. So send me a message, email, or text and let me know if you are interested. We could also form a monthly get together for camera basics. Much Aloha

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